In the Overijssel Vecht Valley, the most beautiful of the Netherlands comes together.

Forest, heathland, the rivers Regge and Vecht. 

Our SISU vacation bungalows are the perfect base to enjoy the Vechtdal with all its facets. You will find a combination of nature, relaxation and (for those who want) luxury, thanks in part to some highly regarded restaurants in the area.


Cottage in the woods with lots of larches and douglas-fir trees around it. You can see the barbecue and relaxing aeron deckchairs in the large garden. You click on this to go to the booking page.
Forest cottage with sauna
Forest house with wood stove
Lovely forest cottage with spacious garden, tennis court and pool available.
Forest house with fireplace

Fun towns like Dalfsen and Zwolle are only 20 (train) minutes away; definitely worth a visit! Also in Ommen there are regularly nice flea markets. If you have a car, a round along the various flea markets is also recommended. There is also a Ferris wheel and regular live music in August.