Full package tours

We believe there is so much more to get out of vacations!

Relaxation comes first. Choose how many additional happiness elements you add to that.

Going for a complete boost?
Then choose a trip where you not only unwind mentally, but also learn & try something new. We provide the opportunity for connection so you can also give something back to the environment before you leave.

These are vacations that stay with you.

Weekend Vocal Training Friesland

Take this multi-day singing workshop at one of the most beautiful Eleven Cities in Friesland. A guaranteed boost for your voice!

Strengthen your SISU and come challenge yourself in the most beautiful area of the Netherlands. Incl. bikes, sauna & beer tasting on arrival!

Independent Yoga Retreat Vechtdal

Fancy yoga but not a whole group of people? Book your own cottage (with family / friends) and immerse yourself in yoga!

Together with your best friend(s), enjoy peace, nature, the pool AND a delicious surprise dinner on the Vecht!

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